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WmDEAN specializes in fashion accessories and jewelry. All of the swankadelic items found here are touched by Wm. DEAN, artist and Connoisseur. Our handmade originals are crafted with care and precision in the Twin Cities... Minneapolis/St. Paul. We offer a vast selection of Cufflinks, Tuxedo Stud Buttons, Rings, Belt Buckles, Key Chains and Money Clips. Prices start at just $10. 

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Circa WmDEAN

Our aesthetic is high polished cabochon gemstones, vintage coins, and found objects. We utilize Sterling Silver and Bronze among other fine metals. Circa WmDEAN is everything past and present that you love about mens accessories, jewelry and fashion accessories. To own a pair of our handmade originals is to be knighted personally by WmDEAN, the KING of Handmade Cufflinks.




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the Button Collection, Vol. 1


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The WmDEAN Button Collection, Vol.1 consists of three handmade 1 inch diameter buttons that enhance your level of badassness and will take your game to the next level. “ROI de la MAIN” translates roughly to “the King of Cuff”. It features a hand drawn crown. “GOD save the KING” is inspired by the 1977 song “God save the Queen” by the punk rock band... The Sex Pistols. It features a lightening bolt as a humble nod to our King of Rock... David Bowie! “Purveyor of BADASS”, is one of our tag lines. It is contrasted against the black star background, which is an iconic Rock ’n’ Roll backdrop. All buttons are featured in our branded colors: Red, White and Black. 


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